Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Big day.

Well, here we are. The frothing, sweaty climax. Thank God. Katie frets a little that the Dark Side will pull a jack move at the last second and win. I'm firmly convinced that the only way McCain can win this election is by cheating. And cheating hard. Not kinda-sorta cheating like in 2004. Like something major, like saying that California no longer counts.

A couple of Quebecois comedians called up Sarah Palin and said they were the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. She bought it. Mirth ensues.
See more funny videos at Funny or Die

While we're talking politics, did you hear about the nice Michigan woman who turned trick-or-treaters away empty-handed because their parents were Democrats? I choose not to comment.

Now I know celebrity endorsement doesn't hold as much water as it used to, but...
Anyway, I'm sure it'll work out. Otherwise, there's always armed rebellion!

Halloween came and went. I've collected some pictures and posted them here with appropriate captions.

World of Warcraft is, unsurprisingly, fun as hell. I created a Human Paladin named Alessan. I am at level 14. I enjoy the game. I did not enjoy the process of updating the game client, though. I installed the game on my iMac, then watched as it downloaded and installed patches for the next (I shit you not) fourteen hours. Not exactly pick-up-and-play. Sheesh.

Good luck, Murka. Go out and vote.

UPDATE: Despite panicky reports of long lines and broken machines, Katie managed to vote this morning, encountering no lines or machine difficulties.

UPDATE2: I can't believe I forgot to add this video! Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are being made available as downloadable skins for the PS3 and XBox360 game Mercenaries 2.

Now fuck off.

Love, Adam
For the Alliance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mys vote fourz Adam!


10:14 am, November 04, 2008  
Blogger AdamFireFist said...

i am teh noo przdent of teh murkaz!
u can al haz free hethlcayr nao!

1:08 pm, November 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to skype you the past couple of nights (boy that sounds dirty), but no luck. Do you have a real phone number as well. If you do, could you email it to me.

~P to the A to the U to the L

7:37 am, November 06, 2008  

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