Thursday, May 01, 2008

It is May!

Congratulations. You have survived your trials thus far. But the road ahead will only become more difficult.

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this:

The Angry Video Game Nerd has lost his mind. (I know the beginning is just a bunch of shitty youtube clips, but stick with it. Trust me, the payoff at the end is worth it.)

Also, some of you may have played The Last Stand when I told you about it not too long ago. (No, not the X-Men movie, the zombie-hordes-descending-upon-your-fortified-position flash game.) Anyway, they've made a sequel, and it's harder.

If you've never been rickrolled, consider yourself lucky. If you have, and you know who Robo is, then this will be hilarious:

Finally, Taiko Drum Master is an institution in Asia. Apparently, it's so popular that it's spawned a claymation animated series. All the (four-minute) episodes are available on youtube.
I present the first episode here. Enjoy.

I'm off to kill zombies.

Now fuck off.

Love, Adam
But why?


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