Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fuck tha police. Comin' straight from the underground.

Now, I've got absolutely nothing against officers of the law. Quite the magnanimous statement, yes? Coming as it does from a 29-year-old white guy from Newfoundland, whose only run-in with the law was a friendly Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer who advised me to throw away the joint I was holding.

Um, for a friend.


Still, I've always believed that the police serve a valid purpose. They remove the need for us to take vengeance on those that have wronged us. It may be a slow and cumbersome system, but it's infinitely better than the feudal system which lasted up until the 20th century. (You know, last century.)

That being said, this morning I read about Jimmy Justice, a pissy New Yorker who's decided to document New York City police officers breaking the law. Not running drugs or taking payoffs or anything. For illegal parking and u-turns. He's fantastic.

We recently got a ticket for parking 9 feet from a fire hydrant (which is galling because the legal distance in our neighbourhood is ten feet, not the fifteen Jimmy refers to). $115 is nothing to sniff at. Maybe we should trade in our sensible Volkswagen Jetta for a police cruiser.

Jimmy's youtube channel is here.

Earth Day was yesterday. You didn't even know that, did you? You are all very bad people.
In interesting nerd news, the crowd over at the cumbersomely-titled website "" have photoshopped some old Atari game cartridges, with hilarious results. I found myself struggling to remember some of the actual names of the games, a sure sign that senescence is upon me. Ah, the quick decline.

I also found what is reputed to be the first issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, in PDF format, sporting one of my all-time favourite games (with one of the all-time worst boxarts) on the cover. Go ahead and download it; it's priceless. They talk about the Robocop game for NES. I loved that game.

Well, looks like that's about it for now. We saw Jon Stewart, who is funny. This Saturday we're going to see Video Games Live! at the Beacon Theater, and it looks like we're taking a trip to Decorah in July for some sort of event called Nordic Fest. I have suspicions that the event may be cultural in nature.

Now fuck off.

Love, Adam.
This route? Bad idea.


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