Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The world just gets better and better.

Once upon a time there was a man named Jack Thompson.
Jack hated it when people played violent videogames. He didn't want kids to play them, and he was right. Little kids shouldn't play videogames where you kill cops and hookers. Such games are for big people who know the difference between right and wrong.

But Jack took his little videogame anti-violence jihad too far (as people are wont to do when they get excited about something). He fought with game makers and web comic makers. He acted in a silly way.

Anyway, last going off there was a game called Bully that got a lot of people worked up over games again. Jack and people like him heard the title, read that it was set in a school, and immediately panicked. There were attempts to get it banned, so that nobody would have to play this horrid game.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board gave the game a T for Teen rating.
There were rave reviews.
Turns out that you don't play as a bully. You're the new kid, and you have to kick back against the bullies. Right on.

Oh, and the main character can kiss other boys.


It's seriously lovely. Brilliant.

I allow many people will go nuts over it, but I think it's fantastic. What's the point in having an open-ended, go-anywhere, do-anything game if you're constrained from a basic freedom of choice from the outset? GTA:San Andreas let you go on dates, but only with girls. Fine and good, as the character is portrayed as heterosexual. But allowing you to choose your character's sexual orientation, that's super freedom.

"I'm a totally awesome kisser."

I can't wait to play Bully.


Oh, also, in non-gay news, Katie made some webalbums of stuff from her camera.
She's got one about our apartment, and another one of random scooters in Taiwan.
So fun pictures.

Now fuck off.

Adam out


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