Thursday, October 12, 2006

I love our Internet Overlords.

I always wanted the internets to be easy to operate.
I did a cybertext theory and practice course at U of T, and part of it was using html to make something. It was a disaster. I am unskilled at hypertext markup language.

I always wanted it to be easy. I didn't want to shag around with stupid crap to have a website and show pictures to my friends.

So what did I do? I got an MSN Group with Hefford and the rest of the b'ys.
That worked great.
You know, except for the part where I only had 200mb of storage, so every time I wanted to upload a new roll of film (Yes, children, roll of film - digital cameras were things that other people had - I always figured they had artificial intelligence and were plotting our overthrow... A-hem...) I had to open a NEW Hotmail account, invite that new account (say, to the website using my manager's account, then go back to the new account, accept, then go back to my manager's account, promote the new account to assistant manager, go back the new account, upload my pictures, then delete the new account.


So then MSN groups shunts our "adult" themed group (which Heffy had titled "adult" because we were probably going to be doing a lot of swearing on it) to WorldGroups. WorldGroups is gross. It's all... well, adult groups. Oh, we also couldn't get access to it because we lost the manager's account password. HAH!

So I got this website.

What am I going on about, at all?

Oh, yes. Then out great and mighty overseers gave me Picasa, which is a fantastic photo-organizing tool. You should go get it, seriously.

But the bloody thing would only let me upload four photos at a time (which explains why I had to show you South Africa in 38 discrete bites).

I prayed to the Gods of the Internets. "Please, internets gods, please, let me put my GODDAMN pictures on teh internets. Please."

And now they let me! YAY! \o/

They have this new thing called something practical, like Web Albums.

Katie and I went camping just outside of Taichung, and we took some pictures. Not many, but some. And I put them here.

SO cool internets.


Adam out


Blogger heff said...

I've been using photobucket for my blog posts on MySpace. It's worked out great, because they provide an HTML link that I can post in posts and the image appears, rather then just having a link. I don't know if that will work here, but it might be worth a try. I mean, any website can fall prey to the same type of thing that happened with DaBys. They can just decide to change something, and everything you've dedicated to it gets fucked.

P.S. Bully is fucking awesome!!!!

9:06 pm, October 27, 2006  
Blogger AdamFireFist said...

I've been dying to play it. I supose I'll have to pick it up when we're home.

8:10 pm, October 29, 2006  
Blogger heff said...

I just got through it. It's definately going to get a sequel. Whether or not it's going to be the same character at a different level of education, or just another kid at another school, I can't tell. It's very GTA-ish, as it runs on the GTA engine (it took me no time to pick up) so it'll probably be the latter.

To be honest, I enjoyed it more then GTA. There was alot less area to explore, but understandably so. It had to revolve around the school grounds, so you couldn't stray very far. Truancy and curfew saw to that. If you were away from the ground when you weren't suppose to be you got chased. I know one thing. If the next GTA games have a bigger bicycle element, i'll be well prepared. I kicked ass in the bike races, but that was always my strong points with those games, being able to go at top speed forever without hitting anything. Makes me wonder why I suck at racing games.

Anyway, there's alot more to it, but i'm sure you'll find out eventually.

8:54 pm, October 29, 2006  
Blogger AdamFireFist said...


4:27 am, November 03, 2006  

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