Monday, September 11, 2006

South Africa 36: Cape Town Stuff

I found out that the ubiquitous convenience store chain (which I loathed and avoided at all costs in Toronto, and currently hold in high reverence in Taiwan for, if nothing else, their sweet magnet promotions) was suffered to merge with something called 'Friendly' in South Africa. Hence the logo chain and spooky little "IGA" symbol.
Sing with me: "Hometown proud, Newfoundland I-G-A..." You remember the song. [Then, about two years later, I heard the same jingle on one of the channels from the States, substituting "American" for "Newfoundland". Trickers! Stealers!]

This is a shot of Long Street in Cape Town. Michael and Lisa are big losers. I totally knew that there was a truck bearing down on me. I was just too cool to whine about it.

I was just kidding about Michael and Lisa being big losers. Well, not about Lisa. I was only kidding about Michael.
This is a statue of Michael's great-great-grandfather.
No shit. Andrew Murray was his name. Michael told me something about him. I forget. I don't think I was really paying attention. I may have been drunk. I think he was a politician or something. Hold on, I'll go check on Wikipedia.
Oh, he was a minister. And a missionary. Hey, I don't think my great-great-grandfather is on Wikipedia. So, Michael's not a loser after all.
Lisa's still a loser, though.

Yeah, this is pretty self-explanatory, I know. But I just couldn't resist.
It's a movie theatre.
Called Labia.
"Labia: Screens 1 & 2"
I died laughing. Michael and Lisa didn't get it at first.
But, I mean, come on. Seriously. How many italics have I got to use, here?

Well, we're nearly done with South Africa. Only two more posts, I think.
Then I can show you all the madness that is the Republic of China! YEE-HAW! Posted by Picasa


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