Monday, September 04, 2006

South Africa 34: Jackass Penguins are FUCKING AWESOME

So, after we went and looked at the Rhodes Memorial, we all took a jolly jaunt out to see some penguins. But they were not just regular penguins, oh, no.

THESE were Jackass Penguins. Jackass Penguins kick ass.

First we had to revel in the signage. "Please take a bag for your Dog's poo. Poo bin along path."
A sign.
Erected by a government agency.
That says "Poo."
Did I mention I love South Africa?

Here is the aforementioned Poo Bin, labeled clearly.

Jackas Penguin! YES! They dig little holes for their eggs. They're awesome. I love Jackass Penguins.

The Jackass Penguin says, "NO! YOU MAY NOT HAVE MY COOKIES!" I think Jackass Penguins are the best. Well, second bestPosted by Picasa


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