Thursday, August 17, 2006

South Africa 32: And Then God Came...

...and he was pissed. We're right on top of Cape Town here, with a stellar sunset.

Table Mountain. I never really got how Capetown worked until I saw a map . The whole city just sort of curls up around this big friggin' mountain.

This is the view from Lisa's apartment in Cape Town. Gee. Look familiar? I guess only if you've ever looked down from Rabbittown into the MUN valley. I fucking loved Cape Town.

Okay, seriously, you guys. I live in Taiwan for three years. Then I go to a country where English is an official language, and this is what I get.
Need to produce or transfer documents?
Having a rough day?
Come on down to the old Wash & Web, where we help you print, fax and cope.
I nearly peed laughing.
Peed. Myself.

Next: Fucking around in Cape Town! PLUS! The SECRET CONNECTION between Cape Town and St. John's!!! *dum-dum-dummmmm!!!* Posted by Picasa


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