Wednesday, August 16, 2006

South Africa 31: You Thought I Forgot!

Yeah, well, I didn't. I was just too goddamn busy. And I'm still too goddamn busy. But I'm putting the pictures up anyway. Right, well, we're almost done. Today, wine country! Yee haw!

So beautiful South Africa. Sometimes I forget that I actually went there. Then I remember. And I go, "Oh yes, jolly good,what a grand little adventurer I am.

So we went to a couple of these wineries. (Just in case you forgot, that's Michael on the right and Lisa in the middle. The other missus is the missus that worked at the winery. She gave us a tour.) See the big casks of cabernet?

It's sort of hard to tell, but all that black in the background is tons and tons of bottles. Michael and I did some math on them, but I forget how many there were. About a shitload, I guess. Around a million.

See? Crates and crates of the stuff! They use their time machines to bring the wine from the past into our present. This crate came from the bygone days of 2004, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and people only had three fingers.

Science and technology! Amazing! Anyway, next we go into Capetown! Get ready! Jackass penguins are on the menu, putas! Posted by Picasa


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