Monday, July 31, 2006

Sweet! New! Exciting! Apartment!

TA-DA! So impressive and cool!

Sliding Japanese style doors!

Gorgeous hardwood floors!

Sauna! Yes! Sauna!

Grotto with fishy pool for fish! Shitloads of plants! Sublime view of the majestic mountains!

OMG! This is my apartment.
I cleaned the pool-thing yesterday, and the tiles, despite how they may appear in this picture,(ie. rotten brown) are actually blue. So cool.

(I have been having a long and protracted conflict with my computer over how obedient it has been lately with regards to uploading photos properly to this website. Therefore, I am going to go drink a beer now, as opposed to putting my fist through the screen.)

[I just now read what I wrote two paragraphs earlier. I have no recollection of actually typing the words "so cool". I'm not sure how they got on the screen.]

SO, I will put up more pictures of my shiny new base, then I have pictures from the staff trip to paintballing and the beach, as well as our trip to Bali. Then maybe I'll get more South Africa pictures up. I need a temp, I think. Does anybody want a job as my temp? I will call you Shuttlecock, and you will call me Your Reverence. Okay?

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Blogger Katie Carlson said...

is that a 101 dalmatians pillow? whoever owns that must be cool as shit! the apartment looks great, sweetie. i think that honeycomb hideout is pretty cool; but echo base is also pretty sweet.

12:44 pm, July 31, 2006  
Blogger His Nibs said...

Fabulous apartment - I'm envious of your garden, hardwood floors, and screens. But what about the kitchen?

11:26 am, August 02, 2006  
Blogger AdamFireFist said...

Oh, it's a wee tiny kitchen. No more polite "can I help you get dinner ready?"s, that's for sure. 1 person at a time. Maybe two. If you hold your breath.

8:50 pm, August 03, 2006  
Blogger danadana said...

man, those sliding wall-door things remind me of miyazaki anime. how cool!

8:42 pm, August 10, 2006  
Blogger AdamFireFist said...

Yar, I'm watching Neon Genesis Evangelion now, and they have them in all their apartments. Hardly anywhere in Taiwan has them, though. Miyazaki: is that Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service?

4:16 am, August 14, 2006  

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