Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is bullshit.

Okay, I don't know what's going on, but those pictures were obviously doctored. That guy looks nothing like me.
A murderer, yes b'y.
Like I'd ever kill Twoey. I fucking loved that system. I lurved it. Ask anyone. Anyone. They can tell you how much I loved my PS2.
I gave that system the best years of my goddamn life. If he had given half as much of a shit about me, if he hadn't started drinking so heavily when he got sick, then this never would have happened.

I mean, he wouldn't have died such a sudden and mysterious death.
And natural. Natural death.
It's not like I did anything. I'm totally innocent. He totally attacked me first. He was drunker than shit.
In those pictures.


Anyway, I fucking loved my PS2.

And that son of a whore N. E. S. has had it in for me since I was a goddamn kid. Jesus! That was 1991, for Christ's sake! Frigging 15 years ago! I was 13! Give me a break!

The Super Nintendo had FINAL FANTASY 2!!! 2!!!!!!!!!


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