Tuesday, June 27, 2006

South Africa 30: Ronnies. Sex. Shop.

There is a legend.

Out in the desert, there is a place.
The place is called Ronnies Sex Shop. [sic]
You can stop there and look at it. It is the only thing for miles and miles and miles.
The walls are covered in words, and there are lots of people there.
Ronnies Sex Shop is cool.

You see.

We love Ronnies Sex Shop. Lisa loved the cacti. I just loved.

So we sat down an had a drink and carried on like idiots.

Collect 5 black ringpulls, send them in and stand a chance to be on the "Shaya for Ikhaya" game show.
OMGOMGOMG. I wanted to go on Shaya for Ikhaya, but I didn't have enough ringpulls.
I love Shaya for Ikhaya. Posted by Picasa


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