Tuesday, June 27, 2006

South Africa 29: So Fun Oudtshoorn.

Wow, I didn't even have to check how to spell Oudtshoorn that time. I am teh r0xx0r.

We camped. We were in Oudtshoorn (oh, pronounce it "oats-horn") for this big drama festival, I think it was called the KKNK, which stood for Klein Karoo something something (it was Afrikaans). It was a big arts festival. It was wicked. I saw an Afrikaans play about a South African writer named Ingrid Jonker. It was 95% Afrikaans, but the plot was fairly easy to follow, and the stagework and lighting were quite good.

Oh, camping, yes. It hurt. Lisa and I shared the back of Michael's bakkie (see it? Michael just told me a couple of days ago that it ended up getting stolen. Poop.), thinking it would be warm. It was uncomfortable and cold. Oh well. At least we didn't blow over, like that poor sod in the background.

Lisa tried to get money out of this mobile bank machine. That went as well as you might expect.

Oh, then we went to the jazz club. It was great. As evidenced by how happy we are. So happy. So beer. I liked Black Label. It reminded me of O'Keefe's Extra Old Stock. Mmmmm.

Michael spent a lot of time fucking around with my camera to get weird effects, like this shot of Lisa talking to one of her old schoolmates. Michael showed me how to do all this stuff with my camera, but I forgot it all. Heheh. A-hem. Posted by Picasa


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