Tuesday, June 27, 2006

South Africa 28: A Very Long Drive in Four Pictures

I know nobody really cares, but I was really busy because all the new teachers just arrived for this year. I'll put up pictures of them as soon as I'm done with all the South Africa stuff.

Tree and pump. They call these windmills pumps. Or pumpes. Or pompes. I forget how to spell it right.

Wow. Look at how cool this is. I love South Africa. We stopped and took this picture when we were almost all the way to.....

Oudtshoorn! Yay! There were trapeze artists! Flippy flippy!

I almost cried laughing. Parkering. I understand parking in Afrikaans is parkering, but damn. Just saying that word makes me laugh. I think it could be a euphemism for sex. Like: "Hey, did you hook up with that girl at the bar last night?" "Yeah." "Did you parker her?" "Yeah."

I love parkering.

This was the place where I was going to go chocobo riding. I mean ostrich riding. But I didn't ride the chocob...ostrich. We went swimming in their weird pool instead. That was fun. Posted by Picasa


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