Thursday, June 08, 2006

South Africa 24: The Road to Wilderness

SO THEN I started taking pictures of signs, because signs in South Africa are very funny.
Take this one, for instance. "No Fences." And a big "!". Sweet. Thanks for the heads-up, b'ys.

The best is when the signs are directly contradicted by reality. We saw a "No Fences" sign later, but there were fences all over the show.

We went into the woods for a nice lovely picnic. Michael sawm in the water. The water was the exact same color as Coca Cola. The exact same. Michael said it was something to do with, I dunno, silt or some bullshit. I didn't buy it. Not for a second. We had icecube races in the water. Meaning we threw icecubes in the water and cheered them on to see whose would go over the little waterfall first.
Shut up, I make my own fun.

If you turn around form the last picture, this is what you see. South Africa? Looks like Newfoundland to me.

Yay, signs! (Lisa was starting to go, "Stop taking pictures of signs.") This is where the police stopped us for animal diease control. Posted by Picasa


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