Thursday, June 08, 2006

South Africa 21: Off To See The Wizard

Well, okay, sorry about that. Katie and Faye went to Vietnam for a week, and there was nobody around to tell me not to take pictures of/compose a huge narrative experiment around my malfunctioning PS2. So sue me.

In brighter news, I've got a new slimline PS2. She's small and sexy.

I think I'll hold a wedding between her and Twoey.


ANYway, back to South Africa.
We left East London (myself, Michael and Lisa) to go to Cape Town. It would take a long time. I pretty much spent the whole time killing myself laughing. Lisa and Michael are two of the most entertaining people you could ever want to travel with.
And they put up with my constant fooishness pretty well.

We went to a restaurant, but I forget wheat it was called. The food was quite good. We were a little zonked. We went from East London to Grahamstown (where Lisa went to University), then through Bathurst for a beer and a nice long argument about how to properly play rummy, before ending up in Port Alfred for the night. We got lost trying to find the backpackers' place that were we going to stay in, but the guy at the video store helped us.
After we went to the backpackers' to drop off our stuff, we ended up here for dinner.

Oh! Here's a map of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, so you can trace my progress with your finger!

This is the Snorting Grunter. Classy place. We had a drink and decided that we were all too crappy to not go to sleep.

Here is the wall of our little dorm room. (We had it all to ourselves, thank god.) They decorated the walls with mad album covers. I couldn't resist.

Tee-hee. Look at Julio Iglesias. Peek-a-boo, yo. THIS WAS THE COVER OF A RECORD! BAAHAHAAHAAAHAHAHA! Posted by Picasa


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