Monday, June 05, 2006


You think you know Adam Hunt? You think he's all cute and nice and funny?


Adam Hunt is a lying murdering bastard with a heart colder than ice. He cares for nothing only himself. That fucker. I hate his guts.

"Oh, but the pictures of Adam and Twoey are so cute, though."


Yes, there were good times, of that I have no doubt. The times are always good, until you don't work anymore. He's done it before! He'll do it again!

He did it to me, years ago, and now he's done it to his PS2.

I have obtained evidence in the form of a surveillance video feed. I've hijacked the bastard's account here to upload stills, but the actual video is in a format unrecognizable by this website.
The still photos, while failing to completely portray the violence and horror of what you are about to witness, are nonetheless shocking. What you are about to witness is an act of cold-blooded murder. Nothing less. Small children and those with weak stomachs should not view the following photos.

Here we see the bastard himself, Adam Hunt, arguing with his "beloved" Twoey. The cause of the argument is unknown. Note the liquor bottles and beer cans strewn wildly about. No doubt Twoey was driven to drink by the constant abuse he suffered at the hands of that evil son of a bitch.

Twoey, doubtless sensing danger, is the first to attack, successfully snaring the brigand with his controller cord, gaining the upper hand on his "master." For once, the system has the power.

The vermin struggles to his feet, staggering wildly about the room. Here the tide of battle shifts.

The soulless monster unleashes his true self. Note the distorted features, the wolflike snarl, the hungry look in his beady little eyes. He is not out to defend himself. He is out for blood.

Nothing less.

The lying murdering bastard is out for blood.

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Blogger Melissa said...

oh dear. adam? is is true?

5:57 am, June 19, 2006  

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