Wednesday, May 24, 2006

South Africa 9: Like Doctor Effing Doolittle

So we went to the Lion Farm when Lisa got to East London. It was cracked. There were all these frigging animals, just running around all over the show like it was their job. Look! Giraffe, little deer, and ostrich. All just hanging out together like it ain't no thang. What? Everyone knows the giraffe and ostrich are mortal enemies in nature. In FACT, the ostrich constitutes a sizable portion of the average giraffe's diet. Yes. Really. It said so on wikipedia.

Turtle. [Note to self: Insert a bunch of bullshit about turtles that isn't true here, then say you read it on wikipedia.]

Luckily, Lisa was able to defuse a potentially deadly situation when this rogue deer attacked us. I knew she was strong in the Force, but usually the victim needs to be able to communicte orally. She will control us all.
See? Ducks and chickens living together in peace! I tell you, when those South Africans did away with Apartheid, they did away with all of it. So cool. Posted by Picasa


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