Wednesday, May 24, 2006

South Africa 8: New Arrivals.

Yes. Then we got rowdy, because Michael Inglis showed up. He drove his bakkie (which is a small pickup truck...there'll be a picture later) up from Cape Town. I was spelling it in my head like it's pronounced: "bucky". Then, at the end of my trip, I saw it written down somewhere. I felt a little dum. Anyway, this is me and Mike and Devon. Wicked.

Here you see me playing chess with Jim (Devon's stepdad). Oh, did I say "playing chess with"? I meant "getting violently ass-raped at a game I once thought I knew how to play by". He tossed me around like I was nothing. It was awesome. Michael is clearly enthralled by the exquisite techniques being employed by both combatants.

Then all of our hard-saved testosterone was washed away and rendered ineffective by the arrival of herself, Lisa. Cursed woman. She was right in love with Devon's hammock (not pictured). Now the madness begins. We start by PLAYING WITH BABY LIONS. Shit yeah.

A little off-topic picture. This looks like something gross, but it's not. It's beautiful. Remember how I was telling you that Guinness is sold in bottles with floating widgets now, like the cans? (Michael's got one in his grubby little hand in the previous picture.) Anyway, this is a shot down the neck of one of those bottles. The widget isn't round, like in the cans, it's sort of tubular or pill-shaped. Modern science astounds and frightens and excites me. Posted by Picasa


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