Friday, May 19, 2006

South Africa 3: GIANT BURGER!

It was a giant burger. I was inordinately large. Sick. Oh, I guess I should mention that all theses pictures are from when I was in East London (Devon's hometown) for Devon's wedding. I'll tell you when I leave East London. When I left East London. When I will leave East London. When I have left East London. When I will have left East London. I... think I should go to bed for a while.

Oh, shit. Yes, the hamburgers. These were at the Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve. It's big. Mmm. If you eat two in an hour you win 24 DOZEN beer. Only one guy ever did it. Ever. He was... Superman.

See, Devon got his with cheese sauce on top. (Mine had barbecue sauce.) I got Devon to hold the pen for scale, but I guess that's silly since Devon himself is in the picture to give it scale. The mind boggles. The cheese looks kind of sick.

These are Devon's buddies. On the left is Grant (pronounced Gront), Peter in the middle, and Charlotte on the left. Peter and Charlotte are right exotic;they're from Belgium. Gront is boring, he's from boring old South Africa. I'm only kiddin'; they were all buckets of fun. Posted by Picasa


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Bon appetite! :)

7:50 pm, May 19, 2006  

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