Friday, May 19, 2006

South Africa 2

This is at the Keg. Not the Keg like we have in Canada, but another, locally-owned kind of Keg. The Keg and Rose. That's D-Von, King Richard, Sir Tony, and the inimitable me. The old guys' called King Richard because he's been going to this friggin' bar for about, what, thirty years. His chair even has his name on a little plaque on the back. I shit you not. I'm drinking Castle lager. Yummers.

See? They even did up a mural with Richard and all the other drun... um, regulars.

Here's Devon and his dad, Jim. Jim is braaiing. Braaiing. That shouldn't be allowed to be a word, either. Two a's and two i's? That's silly. But it's what he's doing. I tell you, them South Africans loves their meat, b'y.

This is Jim and Laureen's house. Oh, Laureen is D-Von's mom. Jim is her husband, and Devon's stepdad. Wicked stepfather, I mean. Poor folks, look that the destitution. Hard old life, wha? Posted by Picasa


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