Thursday, May 25, 2006

South Africa 11: Baby Lions.

Lion cubs, seriously. Lisa was ascairt of them at first, but then she calmed down and played with them. They had big-ass claws, though. I got into a tug-o'-war with one of them using my camera case strap. Little frigger.

They were awfully lazy, though.Until Devon mounted one, that was. That put a good scare into them, I tell you what.

I has some fun with baby lions. I had a nice poo, too. No sir, nothing like a good bowel movement.

See? I touched it and everything. So either the Loratidine (or whatever the allergy drug was) worked really well, or I'm just not allergic to lions. The second option is better. Now I just need to steal one, raise it as my own, teach it English, dye it green and get some red armor for it. And work out a lot. And dye my hair blond. And get a sword. And a castle. And get Lisa to dress up like Teela. And get one of those vehicles, you know, the one that had a dragon head and walked? It was called a Dragon Walker. Look:
Okay, I'm officially weirding myself out now.
Anyway, see the other two? They were conked out like that the whole friggin' time. Posted by Picasa


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